Rose Ensemble

Rose Ensemble

Collection:  “Veil”

Model:        “Rose”

Our Veil Collection transcends standard decorative mailbox designs. Its artistry is twofold owing to the simple nature of its nature of it shape and the ornate cast iron covering. Its box is housed within a simple arched frame cloaked by an outer decorative facade made of authentic cast iron. The facade’s castings in each model of the collection follows one of the timeless designs in reproduction for decades. The Rose model captures the essence of a fragrant garden laden with trellis trained rose plants replete with vines, thorns leaves & flowers.

Our base model is a complete, turnkey “wrought iron” mailbox stand ensemble that includes a standard small steel #1 mailbox, address number stickers on the front of the box, and painted in a traditional wrought iron black finish.

Upgrade Options: 

Call for pricing on numerous upgrades:  Large steel #1 1/2 mailbox, Deluxe aluminum mailbox, Other Decorative Veil Models such as the Vineyard or the Oak, a color selection, assembly service, and professional installation in a suitable concrete pier to US Postal specifications and Builder requirements.