Our Vision

Our Vision for Florissant Ornamental Iron Works is to be the National Ornamental Metal Works Business of Choice…
National, because we are and intend to remain committed to our loyal customers local to he extended greater St. Louis area as we continue to grow with national sales.
Metalworking Business, because we intend to stay in the business we know the best fabrication and field services focused on ornamental metal products. We won’t stray from our roots. We believe in the long-term prospects for profitable growth in this industry, and we will continue to focus time, attention, and investment on enhancing our place in that business environment.
Of Choice, because we value the loyalty of our customers, employees, and investors. For our customers in their varied markets, we will continue to provide the best service and value. For our personnel, we will continue to offer an ever more challenging, rewarding, and result-oriented workplace that recognizes and appreciates their contributions. For our shareholders, we will earn a consistent, superior financial return.
Looking to the past, the original purpose of ornamental iron was to instill charm and beauty to otherwise common products intended to provide utility, safety, and security. Looking to the future, our vision is to enrich the lives of our customers in exciting, new, and innovative ways.
We shall continue using our experience as one of St. Louis’ oldest iron shops to produce new and restore historic iron work with all of the care and hand craftsmanship as we have done since 1951. But we won’t stop there.

We shall continuously innovate in all areas of our business to offer new techniques in management, staff growth through continuous education, training, and new hires, inventive marketing, ingenious design technology, unique combinations of materials, a boundless offering of styles, leading shop processes, the latest in finishing alternatives, and ever progressing facilities. To that end, we shall create a new world-class design studio to host our customers with demonstrations of our distinguished approach to the industry. Furthermore, we shall open a leading retail store in a desirable, old world, high traffic shopping district to offer our customers a large fresh and focused mix of standard metal products in giftware, practical items, and artwork.