Castle Ensemble

Collection:  “Florissant”

Model:        “Castle”

The Castle is another classic design from our very own, ‘Florissant Collection” of olde world Wrought Iron Mailbox Stands.

Our Castle is manor grade.  It is the tallest and most heavily laden of all our models with rich scrolled castings making it a grand addition and providing an exceptional first impression for any stately home.

The Castle is a complete, turnkey “wrought iron” mailbox stand ensemble that includes a 2” square post, classic scrolls cast iron Pontalba filigree brackets (one for support below the box and one above the box as a sign hanger), standard large steel   #1-1/2 mailbox, attachment kit, hand-cast custom made address sign, cast iron ball-cap post top, and painted in traditional wrought iron black finish.

Upgrade Options:

Call for pricing on numerous upgrades:  Multi-gang configurations, Deluxe aluminum mailbox, Premium post caps (tall spire, pineapple, Fleur de Lis, spear, urn, horse head, forged scrolled basket, brass ball, & eagle in flight), Larger post size (3” or 4” square), Corinthian post base, Other Decorative filigree designs, a color selection, assembly service, and professional installation in a suitable concrete pier to US Postal specifications and Builder requirements.

Mailbox Stand Information:

This stand is only available for complete replacement.

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